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JEFI, simple and easy to remember!

Project Type: PT Pandan International

We are making this project since 2009 and from that time we have received more and more application to make this event more bigger in Indonesia, Japan Education Fair in Indonesia, we called it JEFI ! Now we are preparing the 10th Japan Education Fair in Indonesia on 2013. Certainly we need more support from various level of people, both from the government and from the private sector. For a historic notification, upto the 8th JEFI this fair became the utmost popular in Indonesia for an education fair from Japan, supported completedly both from government Indonesia and Japan (Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan, and Embassy of Japan in Jakarta Indonesia, The Japan Foundation), also by private sectors (Kadin, Jetro, others companies)

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What People Say About Us

  • Kojiro Shiojiri - Japan Ambassador to Indonesia

    Japanese learners in Indonesia has increased very much. I met a lot of students who have aspirations, willing to learn. Hopefully alot of the number of Indonesian students studying in Japan more, learn many things in Japan, will realize the dream of your own.

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  • Ryuji Tanaka - CEO Tanaka Forest Holding, Co.Ltd.

    Relations between two people is not only based on the economic and politics. Japan is one of several countries in the world and Indonesia is on of the best Japan's partner. Therefore this activity is an outstanding and we have to fully support for the better relations in the future, especially on the educational area. A basic of human life is on this educational field. Success always for PT Pandan International.

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